Backups tool requires access to google account

I wanted to backup some files with backups app (Deja Dup backup tool) in ubuntu mate 20.04. During first launch, I was quite surprised, that it required installation of python3 package explicitly. I allowed this. After that, It required me to give it an access to my google account. Without this, it refuses to continue.

I lost all my words at this point.

I do not know what is the reason behind that? All ubuntu tools, which are part of the vanilla installation should be non-comercial. Can anybody explain this to me, please?

Are you backing up files to your google drive? that would require access. I backup to another host, nothing to do with google.

Hello Pavlos,
thank you for your reply. I just want to backup files locally - on HDD.

The backup utility forces me to give it an access to google account. The banner seems to block the whole utility. See the screenshot below.

How you managed to get rid of it?

Screenshot at 2021-10-31 18-58-33|469x388

I solved it. In the storage locations the google drive is set as default. After changing of it, everything works fine.

Thanks for encouragement, Pavlos.

no worries, you're welcome.