Balena Etcher upgrade

When I updated the terminal told me there was no upgrade candidate for Etcher. I looked at the Etcher site and they only listed snap packages. Does anyone know what is going on?
Correction, the Balena Etcher site only offers AppImage now.

Looks like they're giving up on native packages at the moment I guess.

Simply uninstalled this Balena. Alternatives are as good.

While I agree with you, I am still concerned about eventually a lack of debian packages, and being force to AppImage, snaps and flatpaks. As far as etcher, for now it still works, it just won't be upgraded.

Any problem with UNetbootin ?

Never had any problems with UNetbootin, but I haven't used Unetbootin for years, I will have to decide what I want to switch for burning USBs.

I always use Gnome-disks(installed by default on Ubuntu MATE)

I had no idea you could extract an ISO image and burn it to a disk with ghome-disks. Do you have a tutorial? Or did you mean Brasero?

Yeah you can do that easily with gnome disks. (although latest time i used it i did not have a success with adding the distro to the grub boot manager of my usb thumb, and i did not know why...)

I really mean gnome-disks (not Brasero, i do not have a cd-writer yet). You have the possibility of restoring a disk image in gnome-disks, which lets you burn an iso onto an USB stick.

Talking about options, this one seems to be quite a workable one too:

As a work around you can download Balena-Etcher deb's from their GitHub release page:

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