Battery doesn't charge more than 60%

In windows 10 I’ve set my Power Management to “Battery Lifespan” which doesn’t let the battery charge more then 60%,then my Windows 10 started crashing,and I switched back to Linux,but now… my battery is stuck at 60%,and doesn’t charge more then that.

I have to mention that I erased my hard disk when I installed Ubuntu Mate.
Is there any Power Management tool in Linux that would let me set how much to charge the battery?

Lenovo G580
Ubuntu Mate 15.10

Thank you for the according time. :blush:

How old is the laptop? Batteries do eventually go bad…if it is a fairly old machine it may be as simple as replacing the battery…

You could boot into a live image and see what the battery reads from there also to verify things.

I am sure more technical troubleshooting steps will follow from those more knowledgeable than I. But it’s a start.

Sorry, read post a little closer.... Do you mean this setting? I can't find anything for lifespan?

The laptop is not more then 1 month old,I don’t think you’ve correctly read my post.

There is a feature in Windows 10,which lets you maximize the battery life by not charging it to 100%.(If you don’t understand how this works,read about Lithium Ion battery technology.

Here you can find an article as proof of what I am asking :

All I am asking is a PM Software on Linux that has this feature,so I’ll be able to tweak it around and disable what Windows 10 has did.
Thanks for the according time,have a nice day. :smile:

By the way,how am I able to do that?
Please explain the steps over here,that would be nice,I am quite new to Linux.

Hey @Mad_Trippin I did a little digging you can check this- Note it is a Lenovo thing not windows. It is an App ontop of windows.

If you are not confident with doing a lot of tweaking on Linux your best bet may be to reinstall windows using your Lenovo rescue cd if it came with one. I’m not supper familiar with them. Then change battery setting back to 100% and then reinstall Ubuntu-MATE

When I was talking about live image- It is your install media… It runs the desktop off USB or CD before you install…


Thank you so much.
I did a lot of searching myself,and I wasn’t able to find it.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Remove the battery and the AC adapter (charger). Press and hold the power button for 3 - 4 seconds with these removed. Pop your battery back in, along with the AC adapter. If it still refuses to charge, you could be looking at a bad battery or possibly a bad charging circuit on the motherboard. For more tips visit Lenovo g580 Manual-

I also had this problem with another model, in the case after upgrading to16.04.2 LTS, although it takes a little while is loading 100%.

Certainly a question that will be remedied along the kernel and core updates of the distribution. :slight_smile:

Tip: If you look for a way to make the power management of your laptop or mobile device with Linux, the TLP can be a good option. The program has been updated recently and is increasingly complete and easy to use.

For those not familiar with TLP, this is an Advanced power management tool that applies various configurations and adjustments to help your laptop save battery.