Battery Icon Behavior

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 on Toshiba P50 Laptop

After 11/10 daily Software Updater run, the battery charge icon indicates “Laptop Battery Discharging (93.0%)” whether the power supply is plugged in or not. This has remained constant for about 3 hours now.

No battery charging indicated when power supply plugged in.

Multimeter check of power supply indicates 19V output voltage.

Laptop battery charge LED is not lit.

System Tools>Power Statistics shows AC Power connected and 93% battery discharging. This has remained the same for about 3 hours now.

Unplugging power supply is reflected in System Tools>Power Supply but battery charge indication remains at 93%.

Currently running on laptop battery to see if will fully discharge.

BIOS is latest from Toshiba.


UPDATE: Running elementary OS 0.4 from USB stick for A/B comparison.

Battery indicator and laptop charge indicator now function perfectly.

Something changed in MATE 16.10 ?