Battery low notice

Hi guys

I am on UM 19.10, Kernel 5.3.0-42, on a HP Spectre, Intel i5-7200

I've been getting the following pop-up from time to time over the last few months
Battery low

But I DON'T have a wireless keyboard. I have a pen, but with a new battery of less then 2 weeks ago...

So, for those in the know...

  • Why do I get that ?
  • What should I check, if I need to ?
  • How could I get rid of that?

Thanks to the experts


To the above I must add:

Upower (i.e. # upower --dump) gives me this:

Device: /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/keyboard_hid_0018o04F3o24DBx0001_battery
native-path: hid-0018:04F3:24DB.0001-battery
model: ELAN0732:00 04F3:24DB
power supply: no
updated: lun 23 mar 2020 15:03:53 CST (52 seconds ago)
has history: yes
has statistics: yes
keyboard present: yes
rechargeable: yes
state: unknown
warning-level: none
percentage: 0%
icon-name: 'battery-missing-symbolic'