Battery problem underDell latitude 5420 under Ubuntu mate 20.04

I have a problem with my Dell latitude under Ubuntu mate 20.04 it seemed like it's not charging or the charger doesn't exist in my laptop. it's fixed in 35 percent. When I removed the charger the laptop shut down immediately. It's just today when this problem happen and still existing so what can I do to resolve the problems.
Thank you for helping .

Hi. I am not saying my similar issue is your problem but when my older Toshiba's battery died, that is what it did. It would give a random percentage charged sometimes even 100% or close to it and then when disconnected from the charger, the computer would die. Sometimes immediately after removing the charger or sometimes within a minute at most. Nickel Cadmium or Lithium batteries can only be charged so many times. Have you tried using another battery? It may be time to buy replace the battery. I really doubt the issue is with Ubuntu Mate.

the battery is probably shorting out ... get another battery.

This is precisely the behavior I've seen with at least three of my (then-dying or dead) laptop batteries over time. They'll tell you that they're charged up to X per cent, but when you try toactually use them for something, they'll fail on you either instantaneously (in two cases), or they'll drain at "normal rate" down to about the 50% mark and then die right there. In all cases, eventually none of the batteries would even take a charge.

When batteries get old, they will act erratically. It happens time and time again.

However, if you (for example) just purchased this battery, then that's a slightly different story -- you've been sold a fake; possibly a battery old enough to be near death, possibly not even filled with battery cells. (I've heard an anecdote about someone who acquired a cheap laptop battery that turned out to be an old, dead battery, that the seller removed the battery cells from, sold the cells for scrap, and sold the rest of the "battery" for cheap.) If you were scammed, ask for your money back and threaten to sue!

However, if this battery has been serving you for three or more years, it's probably run its course, and it's time to lay the voltaic pile to rest in peace. :battery:

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But I have an integrated battery in my pc

I have an integrated battery. Btw my pc is new(6months)

Then it’s a warranty issue with Dell. Contact Dell for the proper support.

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