*Before 15.04 final release* - Simple Compiz rule tweak to fix Wine bugs

Hi everyone,

I heard on the Ubuntu Podcast that @Wimpy has some communication with the Ubuntu Compiz team. I’d like to mention a tiny tweak to the default Compiz rules that can prevent major annoyances in Wine programs.

In Ubuntu / Ubuntu Mate default Compiz configuration, tooltips don’t disappear in Wine apps, causing remnants and boxes and visual clutter all over the screen.

There are many documented cases of this bug:

The bug can be eliminated by adding a simple Compiz rule to detect Wine

In Compiz Settings Manager, under Animations, “Close Animation” tab,
look for the window match line for Fade that reads:
(type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Combo | Dialog | ModalDialog | Normal)

Edit that line and add to the end of it:
& !(class=\.exe$)

Would it be possible to get this rule added by default (both to Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate) before the final 15.04 release so as to avoid bothering Wine users? Thanks a lot!

Please file a bug in Launchpad. Without a bug to fix I won’t be able to get a sponsor to merge my changes. Raise the bug against ubuntu-mate and compiz. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @Wimpy for taking a look. Is this prior bug (still open) OK, or should I open a new one?

I just tested this in Ubuntu Mate 14.04 with its default Compiz settings and this bug is also present. I presume that the same would be the case for Ubuntu proper 14.04, but I don’t have it downloaded at the moment.

In my own opinion Wine should be alienated from Linux if you want windows run windows or VM it
I myself hate Wine and Compiz is a Monster! but that is my own opinion :smile:
Love and Peace to all