Benchmarked: The Most Power-Efficient Ubuntu 19.04 Flavor Will Surprise You

This article "Benchmarked: The Most Power-Efficient Ubuntu 19.04 Flavor Will Surprise You" from compares the power usage of different flavours of Ubuntu 19.04.

On top, and no surprise to me, is our favourite flavour: Ubuntu MATE! And Martin Wimpress @wimpy gets a mention and a few quotes, as well he deserves.

Personally I've always suspected this result, as one of the first daily drivers of Ubuntu MATE from Martin's early PPA on a Core 2 Duo! I never did any repeatable tests, but even back then it was the only flavour that would run with anything like same performance as the (unsupported) Ubuntu 10.10 that it had to replace.

Kudos to @wimpy and those that assist and support him!


I've been telling people for some time that UM is lightweight, and here's proof from an authoritative source. Huzzah!

Can someone give an educated guess as to how Ubuntu Mate would compare to Linux Mint Mate Edition? Also, is the result directly due to the Desktop Environment or other tweaks on Ubuntu Mate? I'm asking because I'm currently using Linux Mint and also making experiments with JWM (and other very simple window managers), partly for fun and because I like the simplicity of JWM, but also to maximise battery life on an old laptop. Though I don't know if my reasoning (simpler WM -> less power consumption) makes sense. I used to run Ubuntu Mate and I might switch back eventually. Both Ubuntu Mate and Linux Mint are my all time favourite distros.

Meaningless fluff unless you compare it to Windows. Not trolling, I mean that.

I'll see if that author would be interested in a Windows 10 v. UM piece to compare it against something common.