Best filesystem for SSD drives

Was wondering what is or would be the best file system to use with SSD drives? Thanks

@parzzix I use ext4. Make sure to enable TRIM for best performance.

In the past I would have said btrfs with lzo compression, the performance was stella. But btrfs has eaten my data once too often so I am staying well clear of it for a while.

I have been a long time user of XFS and use it just about everywhere now. It works great on SSD and has TRIM support. I’ve also used Ext4 on SSD and that works great too. So either of those are good choices.

On my Arch install I now use f2fs for /root, it is designed for “flash” backed block devices. Performance is excellent but it lack some userspace utilities.

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I also like both xfs and ext4. One cool thing about xfs is xfs_copy to an xfs partition gives you filesystem images that don’t take up the entire space of the filesystem only what is needed for the data but you need to save it to a xfs filesystem to do so. Also keep in mind you cannot shrink xfs fielsystems. Although ubuntu mate doesn’t include the gnome disk utility by default which can then mount the xfs backups if was say a /home partition from the backup with the partition images.


Out of curiosity: why would you prefer XFS over ext4?

It maximises the usable space on the drive. The userspace tools are excellent, in particular the defragmentation utility can run while the file system is mounted and can even defragment individual files or directories. If you ever need it, fsck.xfs is very fast. Formatting a partition with XFS is much, much faster that Ext{2,3,4 and the defaults are auto tuned to the disk and disk sub-system. Extended attributes are fantastic.

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@Wimpy You have convinced me to make the switch to XFS :smiley:

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