Best laptop for ubuntu

Hello, I would like to buy a new laptop computer.
Can you please recommend some brands that work well with ubuntu mate?
Thanks a lot

I would love to hear recommendations aswell. Hoewever, my thinkpad t410 works more or less flawlessly with UM. As this old boy is turning 7 next year I would love to buy a new laptop. For, let’s say up to 700 EUR.

Hello Mario, I would buy an HP computer with Intel core, also Dell with Intel core, Ubuntu runs well with both computers.



I’m using a System76 Lemur, and I love it.

I recommend Asus X455L, UM works well, I think it can work well on any ASUS


I would suggest going to a company that builds Linux computers e.g.

In Europe - Tuxedo computers - see:

In the USA - System 76:

There are others of course.

A Windoze pre-installed computer is built with hardware that will run Windoze, a Linux computer is built with hardware that will run Linux. So it takes the "hit-or-miss" out of investing your money.

I have a Tuxedo machine, and yes I would buy another. :clap:

But if for some reason it must be a Windoze machine (e.g. you want to buy something second-hand) then a lot of people say that Lenovo ThinkPads are a good bet, as Linux usually runs very well on them.

Mario, I would stick with Lenovo Thinkpads. They are more expensive but you can get some great deals on eBay on refurbished ones. They are built for business and very compatible with almost all Linux distros. Many of the commercial laptops on the market have the look and feel of cheapness. I have been buying refurbished Thinkpads since 2007 and had very good results with them. Best wishes with Linux!

Hello there guys!
I`m huge Lenovo fan since IBM era. Although topicstarter should be careful with latest Lenovos cuz of this: Lenovo+Linux

If not Lenovo, I`g go with Asus (just my thoughts). I also recommend to look for nVidia or Intel GPU onboard, cuz of AMD/Ati well-known driver issues on Linux.

Good luck and respond when you get new puter, please!

Imhoteps, I have always used the Txx series Thinkpads and NEVER had any problems installing or running Linux of any flavor.

No doubts in what you just wrote. But now is late 2016. Check out links I added, mate.

Personally, I recommend the HP EliteBook 8540w (better specs but thicker and heavier) and the HP Sleekbook 15-b142dx (slim and light but not quite as powerful). They both work well for me and I have had no issues so far.

Hallo Imhoteps

Did you know that Lenovo has issued a BIOS update?

Please see

Does that help?