Best Linux distribution

Well I have I been a Linux user for many years now and have tried just about all the distros available, but with so many to choose from I keep returning to Mate as my every day desktop. What can I say it just works.

The only thing I wish I was able to do is customize the menu a bit, not sure if this is something that might be implemented down the road

Thank you guys for making a great distribution


The only thing I wish I was able to do is customize the menu a bit, not sure if this is something that might be implemented down the road

What type of customization are you interested in?


That is something I am most interested in also. If he is talking about Brisk menu, that I found isn't nearly as tweakable as the Advanced MATE Menu.

Vkareh, For me mate is perfect its fast, clean, and everything works. Unless I'm missing something with the Brisk menu

1- I would like to have the ability to make the icons a bit bigger so it's better to see they are very small

2- Also I am unable to see any description of any of the icons displayed on the menu

3- Maybe also allow the users to expand the menu to fix the user needs

These are somethings I would love to see in Mate to make it the perfect Linux OS

Mate has made my Linux experience one of the best ever and I use it on most of my machines

I tried Ubuntu for a long time but after Gnome was pushed on us I had to just turn to something that works and that was Mate

Don't really have anything against Gnome it's just to resource hungry and does play nice on older machines. If they could fit that them maybe I'll give it a try at one point

Thanks so much just for listening

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A very uneducated statement. As an aside; Ubuntu from 5.05 up to 11.04 used GNOME 2.x. MATE is based off GNOME's hard work with the second major revision of its interface.

Should they had stayed there? I think so, but not entirely: GNOME 3 could had easily been GNOME 2 with better QoL for theming and some issues ironed out like what the MATE team had done. I have issues with GNOME Shell, certainly, but I wouldn't go out of my way to say it ruined my Linux experience when there were other desktops not buying in with GNOME Shell and still using GNOME 2. (I say this in hindsight, having stuck with Windows for a bit until the smoke cleared.)

I am grateful for MATE team's efforts, though. @Wimpy and company sure made a beautiful and precious thing we should all attempt to conserve at some degree.

I wouldn't say Gnome had made my Linux experience worst in fact I think the team is getting better with it because the 19.10 is much faster the previous versions for sure

I'm just saying it consumes a lot of the system resources but overall livable

Ubuntu 19.10 is indeed fun times ahead for everybody, now that the dust has settled and everyone's getting on with their choice of DE and compositor. I'll still side with MATE because it's really the mediocre best of all words, but never sub-par in any one aspect;

Boundless customization, but it doesn't give you everything.
Familiarity, yet it's different.
Ease of use, primarily (and to a degree, exclusively) with open-source applications.

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I believe if the brisk menu do as ubuntu budgie does, ubuntu mate will be perfect. Another thoughts shuold be about color scheme and themes.


OK I see we have this option to change the icon size but it seems like you can only do this if you're using the Traditional menu why is that? am I missing something. I've tried it with other menu layouts but the option to increase the icons are not allowed

I took a screen shot below

i believe you should have done if you increase the the size of the menu bar. see below.


This does not increase the Brisk menu icons