Best Prank For Linux Users πŸ˜€

Terminal is necessary app in linux. We change DNS server adress, get location, run file etc. with terminal. Imagine that you can't open terminal.
This prank is for prevent opening terminal. Just add "exit"(without ") /home/username/.bashrc file in as a new line or type in terminal
rm /home/username/.bashrc&&echo "exit">>/home/username/.bashrc

I'm assuming that by del you really meant rm? In either case, you might want to avoid deleting someone's .bashrc file and instead back it up. I have all sorts of aliases, env variables, and commands that I've kept over many years. Deleting this file will get you on my black list very quickly.

Also, can you please post the command to undo this, so that an unsuspecting person trying this out can save themselves from a really bad day?

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Thank you for warn. I've edited

@ alihakimtaskiran

Hello alihakimtaskiran,

I am learning Ubuntu/Mate by reading comments.
I find a lot of people use old words but with new meanings... which boggles my mind with 'why'! But, to your "prank": Does it mean that adding "exit" without the quotes results in a joke (AKA "prank") of some kind? Or is "prank" a term used to describe something else?

Sorry to seem dense, but Ubuntu/Mate doesn't come with a New World Order Dictionary :slight_smile:


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As described above, terminal is lifeblood for linux. You need terminal to use linux without any limitation. For example you can't change DNS setting without terminal, extract compressed archive files, getting IP adress easily etc... Imagine that you can't use terminal and can't do them. It's best joke for your victim.

Thanks alihakimtaskiran for the reply. I get it now, but must say, I'd use that on my enemy, not a friend :wink:

FYI, I remember two very good "pranks". One was for M$ Works, their original word processor, then later on M$ Word, but on the first few versions of it. The prank was to access your friends com and secretly install a small file (the prank).
Later, maybe even days later, when the victim would be typing in Works or Word, and after typing a set number of letters, and trigger word, random letters would start to fall from their sentence and tumble flipping over and over and start piling up at the bottom of the page. Pressing ESC would disable the 'prank' and restore the typed data back to where it belonged.

The other prank was a fake hack-in to the FBI agent login level 1. You would have a friend over, and having already entered his/her name and some data in the pre-set database, you enter their name and birthdate into the fake search. It would bring up your friends address, B/D, hair, eyes colour, any data you already know - their school, who they associate the most with, and so on - all stuff you already knew and pre-entered earlier.
Next, is the Level 2 report on your friend. So clearly, now they want to see what else the FBI has on them, so you attempt a login to Level 2, and are met with a warning you've been caught impersonating and hacking a gov site and that it is illegal etcetera, and that the local police (you already added their address of your local police) have been notified and are their way to your address, and the address of the person you entered.

It was a hoot watching friends grab their stuff and boot it home :smile:

Lastly, my own was to drop a small audio file so when they clisked Start > Shutdownm, instead of =the Windoze shutdown sounds, it would be a computerized female voice that would say "This device will self destruct in T-minus 3.... 2.... 1..." and shutdown. The victim however, was never sure what just happened.

Thanks again alihakimtaskiran

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These are very good pranks. I'll try them. Thank you.