Best way to install dropbox

Running 15.04 now. I was wondering what the preffered method for installing dropbox is.

  • Take it straight out of the repos?
  • Download dritectly from dropbox?
  • Or maybe there is some super secret PPA that is the best option…?


Well usually the safest in Linux land is to use the repository followed by the .deb provided by the vendor. PPA’s are a last resort (security & stability risk).


In my experience the best solution is to download the .deb from the Dropbox Web site. Installing that sets up the PPA as part of the installation.

(Opera and Vivaldi are two other applications I know of which have transparent PPA setup as part of the first installation).

That is what I ended up doing.

Running 15.10 UbuntuMATE for Raspberry Pi 2 and I’m having problem installing dropbox… I download the .deb from the Dropbox website and I got this status when I installed it using GDebi “Error: Wrong architecture i386”. Please guide me to install it properly.

The Pi uses ARM packages, which is a specific architecture. Dropbox is available only for i386 and amd64 archs (the kind of CPUs you find in a PC, in 32 or 64 bit). Unless Dropbox provides an ARM version of its software, you won’t be able to use it on the Pi: as non free/opensource software, you can’t simply grab the source code and compile it for the ARM arch as it’s not available.

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it breaks my heart! now I know… thank you for the response and I’m sorry for being a noob.

No need to apologize for being new. Everyone was once.

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