Bigger Emoticons Part 2: Readability

Well, I don't pretend this to be a request. This is something that might be in Thoughts and Feedback section and even on Tips and Tricks.

In part 1 (Bigger Emoticons), @Bill_MI said that emoticons couldn't be read very well.
This is something that is not only related to the size, it is too about brightness.

I really hate :angry: white backgrounds. I don't turn off uBlock Origin (and others) on any website that uses a white background :middle_finger:. No revenue for those who want to hurt my eyes :eyes:(either now or in the future) based on mythology. I always use and turn to dark and grey or blue themes :dark_sunglasses: and I declared war :loudspeaker: :dagger: on IPS... Well that's too much. But, anyway, I just wanted to show you the following:

Nice, clear and smooth :hugging:. Not all blobies goes well with a black background (eg Deutschland flag) but it would go well with light grey or blue.

I just have installed the following add-on to Firefox: Dark Background and Light Text. An add-on that can be used to change the colours of websites, backgrounds and text, and you can disable it on specific websites too.
Since I do not use the standard colours, it isn't that much far from default and I use the Stylesheet Processor option on UM website .
The colours ofmy Stlesheet Processor are:

  1. #8f8f8f
  2. #2f2f2f
  3. #5765dd
  4. #ffafff
  5. #ff0000
  6. #17176c

I had no idea! Thanks a million for this information!! In Chrome there are various alternatives, I choose Dark Reader.

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