Bing Image of the Day

I wrote a script file that automatically downloads the Image of the Day ( and add a label on the southeast corner of the image. Then the script is added to the Startup Applications, so that the image is downloaded when I log-in. The Desktop uses the output file of the script as its wallpaper, which is overwritten every time.

In short, my curated (by Bing) wallpaper is updated daily without resorting to any heavy-weight application, which I am content with.


Would you mind sharing the script? That sounds fun! A while ago I did something similar for the Wikimedia picture of the day, and eventually made it into a plugin for the Variety wallpaper manager (it hasn't been merged due to copyright questions, but it can be used from that branch)

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I wrote a Python script that seems to work when executed manually, but not when I add it to the startup applications:

sleep 2m; ~/./

I'm assuming 1 minute for the system startup and then another one for my machine getting connected to the internet... :confused:, or something else entirely is happening that I don't understand...

The script could use some improvements, the /tmp folder would be nice since it now clogs up the home...

Glad you are interested. The following is the script; it uses jq package which I believe is not installed by default.