Black Screen - no login prompt after latest nvidia update

So, I ran apt update today and got the latest kernel and nvidia drivers and after rebooting - I get a black screen...

I've heard about this - but this is my first experience with it... I've also been using ZFS and I'm assuming I can roll back - but I've also never needed to do this either...

So how do I a) fix my black screen and b) roll back to my last good version?

I have absolutely no direct experience with your problems and also no experience with ZFS but am offering the following links to help you with the black screen problem.

Good luck @MusicalCoder.

Edit: Also see this -

Edit2: And see this too -

Thanks @mdooley - I followed the It's Foss screenshot guide and added nomodeset... never had to deal with that before...

@MusicalCoder sorry you had that issue, that update was likely due to this: USN-4404-2

You may want to consider filing a bug report as there might be a regression due to this patch.