Black Wallpaper with the logo

HI all.
I needed a little break with reality this afternoon. So I've fired up blender and the Gimp and this is the result.

Resolution is 1680x1050

Hope you like it.


I like it. Providing an XCF file for the image would allow for more user options, as well either some scripts to automate some of the effects your used or step-by-step instructions for the black frame you have the entire image in would be good for people who want to scale this image up for higher resolutions.

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Hi tiox.
I think it’s a good idea to share de XCF file so anyone can do other versions.


It’s a 4.5Mb file.

Enjoy and show me your versions if you want.


Oooh, I see now, the black frame around the image isn’t a separate layer element as I thought, it’s part of the carbon fibre image. Nice to know.

This does hamper scalability, but someone could replace with another CF image that doesn’t have that effect and layer it on top.

Just search for carbon-fiber.jpg in any browser