Blue icons for Ubuntu Mate

I'm not partial to green, or orange for that matter. I modified the Ambiant-MATE theme to blue.

Feel free to grab the tarball or the debian package


Nice @ramblinman41, I’ll have to give those a try!. :smiley:

Nice, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: You may be interested in the Humanity-Colors-Blue icon set, which has a very similar shade of blue.

Just installed and looking very professionally done man. Well done!

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Looks great nice work on the icons

I thought about those but they don’t contain the truly awesome looking Ubuntu-Mate logo. :wink:

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Finally some blue!!! :grinning: Thanks for those @ramblinman41!!! :thumbsup:

Sadly Humanity-Colors-Blue haven’t been updated after 15.04.


Pretty neat. Goes well with Mint-X-Aqua. I lied. I need a blue version of Radiance to use with Mint-X-Aqua.

As an added bonus, the icon set uses the same icons for folders as Costale’s custom folder colours.

This theme looks really good! How do I install it? I really can’t figure it out…

Try installing it in ~/.icons.

more here

It worked, thank you!

nicely done, ramblinman41. good job!

Doesn’t that leave out root windows?

Guess I do not understand the question. I always thought of the root window as just the background image.

Or maybe you are looking at something specific in the root window properties?

xprop -display $DISPLAY -root

Let me clear that up then; I meant, does that not affect the icons for root windows?

In my times of theming GNOME and MATE, root and user were always at odds with one another, I’m just not sure anything in ~ would be available for root.

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Any icon theme you place in .icons will only affect the user, if you want it to appear system wide (both user and root), the icon file would be placed in /usr/share/icons.

It would be the same for System themes, only that would be /usr/share/themes.

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Thanks @SantaFe

root windows = gksudo

and not the root window as in the above definition.

So your right @tiox, its just the terminology you used that I could not relate to. When pulling up a GUI with gksudo or the like, it will not change the theme if using the theme or icons stored in the home directory.

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I actually find that kind of neat; Surprised I can’t find more themes with a “System” version for root and “User” version so when a user is in a root window there is a clear visual indicator that basically says Mistakes done here have far worse consequences.

I played with that idea for a bit on various installations, but each time I would need to find two matching themes with different accents or roll my own variants for that visual clarity with the look I want.

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it looking so good
like very casual

I like the blue icons, but this icon theme causes the Mate icon on the system menu to be grayed out. Has anyone found a solution to this? Would be nice if this icon was also blue. Thanks.