Blue-Submarine theme font color hard to read on certain applications

Hey all, I have been using the Blue-Submarine theme, and I noticed that on certain applications like Atril Document Viewer, Qbittorrent, and LibreOffice certain parts are on black font color making it hard to read/view.

Some visual examples:
1.Atril Document Viewer page number and zoom level

2.Qbittorrent text beside the icons

3.LibreOffice the little down arrow besides the icons(ok this one is minor, just a little nitpick from me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Would be nice if that could be changed to that greyish-blue it has on the window/menu bar.


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Yep, I had all of that start to happen. I had to install the "Bluebird" theme to replace "Blue-Submarine." Pretty much the same effect; and all is well, now, regarding those apps you bring up! :slight_smile:


Hey @Cold.

Personally I love Windows Border from Blue-Submarine, but mix it with other themes from time to time, till I get bored and try something else, but usually always end up with that windows border :smile:

You can change that by clicking Customize on your theme and then get window like @mated posted above and change Controls to something else to your liking. I currently use Arc-Dark from here trough you have few more choices and decide if you like any.

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Nice theme @mated, where did you get that one?

@ele Wow I love that one, that flat look is calling to me…:smiley:

And this is more about giving some feedback on making the default themes to be usable without squinting.

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@Cold: You can grab "Bluebird" in a couple of different places if the elderly repo (below) is not up & about. :slight_smile:

Here is the stock info --- Version: 0.7.1-7.6 - Groups: System GUI GNOME Size: 27.8 KB License: GPL-2.0+ or CC-BY-SA-3.0

"The Bluebird Theme for GTK2/3 and xfwm4/emerald/metacity started out on the basis of Bluebird, but aims at reworking the intense blue tone to a more neutral blue-ish look that will be more pleasant to look at in everyday use. This package provides the GTK+ 2 support of Bluebird."

The themes PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bluebird-gtk-theme

For other Linux distributions: you can download Bluebird via GIT:

git clone ~/.themes/Bluebird

After it is installed and useable, go to Applications-Preferences-Appearance-Customize-Colors-Selected items-Backgrounds

BTW, there are some other themes which allow color tweaks - this one just suites me. Most importantly, though, the other thing you must do to get the effect, which it seems you may be wanting, is to tweak the Window title font:

That, too, is in: Applications-Preferences-Appearance :smile:


And got it, thanks! :slight_smile: The ppa doesn’t seem to work, so it was with git.

Oh, and I wasn’t talking about the window title font on Blue-Submarine. That is fine, its the options below the menu bar that are black and are hard to read. But yeah, need to check out some pretty fonts while I’m there. :smiley:

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That is why Bluebird was brought in the mix to begin with... the blackened menu items no longer present; and everything is back to behaving. :wink:

Well this is what I get for multitasking, totally misunderstood that about changing the letter size.

@Cold Enjoy! I didn’t mean to sound bossy, if I did… :cold_sweat:.

In any event, there will likely be a slight withdrawal period upon Blue Submarine’s exudes; but you would already know about it. :smile:

@mated Don’t worry about it. :wink: English is not my first language so sometimes I have some trouble keeping up.

Yeah already thinking about that little battleship again…

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One other option for custom theming is gnome-color-chooser.

It will not work on gtk3 themes.

sudo apt install gnome-color-chooser

It will appear in your menu.

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