Bluestacks or the like for Linux?

Hi, I am trying to play Summoners War (Android Game) on my Linux PC.

I have tried Genymotion and couldn’t get it to reliably work as it was extremely buggy and I pretty much gave up on it really quick. I have tried Mobizen, and Mirror programs on Google apps for the browser, also the same problem.

Apparently wine with Bluestacks doesn’t work, via other peoples attempts with this.

I wouldn’t so much mind using my phone for this, but I have a (sometimes works & sometimes doesn’t) Reverse Tether Server I am running with my Linux PC to my Android. I don’t have WiFi (at my house) and am using my neighbors (Grandparents) WiFi because my phone’s Wireless card isn’t powerful enough to pick up my neighbors WiFi, yet my PC’s is. This is really annoying as I am constantly having to stay plugged into the laptop and the connection doesn’t always want to work.

Bluestacks or the like for Linux would help me a great deal and I know that there probably isn’t a good alternative (that I know of today) out yet. But maybe, someone has that little bit of gold information I need to make this project work. There isn’t much info on this on the web.

Thanks all.

Hi 1Forest1

First off, I’m not a gamer. But I did take a look at Summoners War and ran across this.

All programs that emulate an android system that allow you to play Summoners War without a physical device (tablet/phone) have been disabled by Com2uS.

So not being a gamer I have to ask why not just play it on-line, with your PC?