Bluetooth and Sound on Pi 4 and 19.1

I just installed Ubuntu Mate (19.1) on a new RPi4B. All seems to work except bluetooth adapter is not found, as well as sound is not being sent to the jack, or through the HDMI. What do I need to install so my RPi4B can connect to bluetooth devices and send sound?

I think I found the answer to both of these yesterday via a google search.
I don't remember what the search phrase was.
for sound (via HDMI, but not sure about jack), insert in /boot/firmware/usercfg/txt:

[code]# Enable audio (loads snd_bcm2835)


later: my search was "ubuntu sound pi4 problem"

Thanks Derek, but that still doesn't work. Neither the HDMI or 3.5mm jack is pushing sound.... :frowning:

If that change to usercfg.txt had been effective, you should be able to see the module snd_bcm2835 loaded using lsmod.
Then check the sound settings for device and volume (this last is in 2 places). I had to increase the volume settings to hear the output. I assune you have used the speaker test facility.