Bluetooth: can't pair a Galaxy Tab 2

I’ve added a Bluetooth dongle to my PC (Ubuntu Mate 16.10) and want to get access to two devices with it: a HTC Desire C (phone) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (tablet).

Both devices are seen by the Bluetooth manager, but while the pairing works fine with the phone, it can’t establish a connection with the tablet. It gets the pairing request and I accept it, but then 30 seconds later or so on the PC, I get a message saying it couldn’t establish a connection.

Are there known pairing issues on Ubuntu Mate with specific devices, or perhaps some Android versions?

I add that both the phone and the tablet can pair the other one from the Android settings.

HI @terzag,

try installing the following packages if not already installed:

sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluetooth-touch

I would restart and try your device again!. :smiley:

Just tried but unfortunately, no change.

This might help?:

Not really, it’s just generic information.

I assume that my setup is ok, as my phone can be paired with no problem, the issue happens only with my tablet. I guess it might be an compatibility issue but I haven’t found anything relevant with that model.

Maybe try it with a USB connection?:

The tablet works fine in USB, but the reason I bought a Bluetooth dongle is because I’d like to connect my devices in wireless mode. :wink:

I’ve finally been able to pair it following instructions found there:

If I use bluetoothctl in command line, pairing works. It looks like that when using the GUI tools, the PIN/password is not sent and the pairing fails.

I’m not sure why it works differently with the phone.

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