Bluetooth gone after upgrade

Ubuntu Mate 20.04 Bluetooth working until upgrade today that included kernel I can no longer access Bluetooth manager or Bluetooth adapters through control panel. When I restored system Bluetooth was also restored. Not sure if is the new kernel or some other files that were upgraded.
If it is the kernel, how can I keep current kernel and upgrade system? Please advise, thanks.

I will answer you. I don't have the answers. I don't know why you are having problems. I have three different laptops, and due to their hardware and configuration they all preform very differently with Bluetooth and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the Bluetooth hardware I am trying to connect. My System 76 preforms flawlessly. My one HP laptop is more of a problem but connects after a few tries and the last HP laptop I have to delete the device, search, trust and connect a couple of times to get it to pair. So again, I have no answer, I, just like you are just a user, not a paid expert.
I have had little trouble with keyboards and mice.
I have had some problems with multiple headphones.
I have had terrible problems with outdoor different outdoor rock speakers.
That is pretty much the extent of my experience.

I agree. I've had about 5 or 6 out of 10 not find WiFi, Bluetooth, and other items. I really don't have the time to redesign the install for each computer that I build, but these items need to work. I see many unanswered posts. Of those that have responses, I see very few that are solved. It seems that form has taken precedent over function. I understand that most of it works, but I suppose I'm very detail oriented and expect everything to work every time.

Personally I find this forum very helpful. I am hardly an expert and usually can only help newbies, but I do try.(I am old an a GUI guy, very little command line) A lot of post without solution is because after the person getting their fix they just don't know or come back to post the solution check mark. At least people here try if they know the answer, if you go to the Debian forum and ask a question you will get RTFM! (Read the Fk'ing Manual). And that is not helpful at all.
Yes, Linux is not Windows. Most hardware is made for Windows, in Linux most functions have to be incorporated into the kernel. One thing I have found in over 10 years of Linux use is a little research into the hardware and peripherals to find out if they support Linux can save a lot of headaches down the road. While Linux can run on most every computer, not every computer likes to run Linux.

Always be polite. People tend to ignore rude requests.
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Always include your computer model and make or hardware if you build your own and which version of Ubuntu Mate you are using.
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