Bluetooth Headphones compatibility with Linux

Hello, I've been using a plantronics 5200 for videoconferencing on Ubuntu Mate. Does anyone have recommendations on bluetooth headsets that play nice with ubuntu? Care to share your setup?

While A2DP sink gives good audio quality (the other paraty comes out crystal clear) it does not utilize the mic on the headset (instead it uses the one on the PC which does not have all the multi-mic noise canceling of the headset). Moreover there is considerable LAG when using this profile (mouth moves and 800msec lag before you hear the audio).

HFS profile uses the mic on the headset, so others hear me well, but the audio quality I hear isn't great (3.5kHz bandwidth). On the bright side, there is no lag.

Any recommendations on high quality BT headset (and associated config within MATE) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!