Bluetooth Manager Unresponsive

I'm trying to connect a bluetooth speaker to my Dell laptop for the first time. When in Bluetooth Manager none of the buttons are responsive and the search field is grayed out. I just updaded my computer. What else can I do?

It worked before? What version o Ubuntu are you using? Are you sure you have Bluetooth hardware? Is it enabled? (sometimes there is a button to switch it on and off). What pc are you using?


Also are you using alsa or pipewire?
I did a bluethooth search on synaptic and here is some software to check:

I'm using a Dell Latitude E6440. Thank you for listing the applications to check in The Ubuntu Mate version I'm using is 22.04.2.

I forgot to add that I received the following error message when attempting to use Bluetooth Manager-

Screenshot at 2023-06-16 11-43-45

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After checking the specs on my Dell it appears that it was manufactured without any Bluetooth hardware. I guess I'll have to buy a Bluetooth USB dongle. Hopefully I'll be able to get it working without too much trouble. Thank you all for your help!

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