Bluetooth not connecting to earbuds

Hi all,

I'm running a Dell XPS 9560.I recently updated my install 21.10. Ever since the update I can't connect my Raycon earbuds. Basically what happens is I'll get a notification that they're paired on my desktop, but the earbuds don't indicate they're paired and there's no audio. Every 30 seconds or so another dialog pops up asking me to authorize the earbuds. No matter if I click Trust or Always Trust, the dialog pops again and there's still no indication on the earbuds that they're connected or any audio.

I've tried turning the adaptor off and on, even restarting the PC. No dice.

I don’t know all the specifics but have to ask. Did the Raycons get reset for a new pairing with the laptop? With my Sony headphones, often I have to do a fresh pairing to get headphones to connect especially after using them on my phone or other device. Good luck.:+1: