Book To Learn Ubuntu - Intermediate Level

Hello! Can anyone recommend a book to learn the basics of ubuntu?
I mean, for people who are already familiar with ubuntu, but don’t have a degree in computer science, like physicists o mathematicians.
Namely, a book at the intermediate level, in order to learn the organization of packages, operating system and so on.
Brevity would be very much appreciated (I wouldn’t read a book of 1000 pages)
Thank you very much!

Hi @Mario.R,

try this for size:

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If you want a real book, I would recommend “A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux” by Sobell, 4th ed is about 14.04 but most of the things are the same (you can read up on systemd and snap online). It’s a big book but you get really good intro to Linux, Shell, Utilities etc.

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