Boot issue - No video output


I am new to Linux in general, but I’ve run into an issues so far that I can’t find a solution for anywhere .

  1. my PC only boot up every second time or rather it boot up but some times the video output don’t. that means I have to turn off my PC in order to boot up with a image - I’m think this is a software issue since this only happens after the MOBO boot image.

is there any way to solve this?


run “dpkg” per the update guide and see if that fixes things!:



Is this a fresh install?

One thing I recommend trying on older equipment is nomodeset.

But you have not told us what you have (cpu, ram, graphics).

dpkg - didn’t work - now i can only see one CPU core ?!

fresh install on a new PC - I have: cpu: AMD a4-5000 Ram: 8GB the graphics are onboard

If your seeing just one core, then this is beyond dpkg and sounding more like a bad install.

How did you install?
Did you checksum? Burn a dvd? Check the dvd? Burn at low speed?

And what about uefi? Does that need to be configured?

I think It’s the install…

I didn’t checksum, I installed via USB (there is no dvd/cd-drive in my PC)

I know nothing about uefi, but I’m going to try a re-install now with a new .iso an USB-drive

I’ll let you know how it turns out…

@ToKorinth13, did you fully format the USB stick each time you made a new version of Ubuntu Mate?:

If you are preparing the stick using a Windows machine …

This sort of situation comes up a lot because there are many bad Windows tools available for writing ISOs to pen drives - some don’t work properly and others are overcomplicated.

ImageUSB is my favourite - developed by a computer forensics firm (who presumably know what they are doing) and works every time.

If the USB stick shows there, or in Windows, as showing less than the capacity printed on it it is worth doing a low-level format - that ensures that everything already on the stick is removed. HP Disk Storage Format Tool does that job efficiently.

Hi guy’s

Thank you for all the help.

I used Rufus to make the USB it’s worked well, and automaticly format the drive.

I tried a few times installing Ubuntu MATE with similar results, so for fun I tried another distro ( Linux mint Mate) and it worked no problem.

So I’ll run with mint until I become a more advanced user. Thank you…

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