Boot process troubles

Today my Ubuntu Mate 16.04 box did not boot to the desktop and I spent too much time finding the reason. I found that my network was not working which causes Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Alpha2 to show the animated Mate logo without doing anything else.
Is it possible to switch to a more verbose boot mode to see what is going on during boot ?
Is there any hot-key to show where the computer has troubles during boot ?

This may be what you want.

We also have systctl that may show what failed. Run this code in terminal:


Or maybe systemd--analyze will show something. Code:

systemd-analyze blame

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You can temporarily change the boot parameters before loading Ubuntu MATE.

  1. Hold SHIFT during boot to reveal the GRUB menu (if it’s the only OS installed)
  2. Highlight "Ubuntu MATE 16.04 … " and press e.
  3. At the end of the linux line, delete the quiet and splash words, then press CTRL+X or F10 to boot.

Now when Ubuntu MATE “freezes” up during boot (most likely waiting for network before timing out), you will see a lot of useful information to help research and diagnose the problem.

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On my box the GRUB menu did not show up when holding shift.
So I installed the Ubuntu package boot-repair from a PPA which solved this issue.
The boot-repair software changed the grub config and afterwards I could see the GRUB menu and choose between several options.
Now I can choose recovery mode from the GRUB menu which is more verbose.

Boot-repair is an excellent package, good choice :slight_smile:

Avoiding the terminal tip: In the live session for Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Alpha 2 and newer, you can also install boot-repair from the Welcome program. :wink: It's under "Installation Guide" → "Dual Booting".

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