Boot up Speed issue

I uninstalled windows in my machine and installed Ubuntu MATE the boot speed is very worse,

When i used windows it boot's up between 30 -40 sec
But the MATE boots between 1:00 to 1:30 it was very horrible

I read the forum they mentioned the command systemd-analyze blame command shows which slows up your boot up time , i ran it and get a result i don't know which is the task that not nessary but running and how to stop it to increase the boot time .

Anybody please helpme :pray: :pray:

Hi Vishal,
Boot in 1:00-1:30 is not a monster lap. Considering some aspects of your hardware and system configuration.
It's not a bad idea to stop services to increase boot speed, but you must know what are you are doing, because they are necessaries for loading processes for your system run. If windows starts faster, often is due to "fast boot" option activated. Deactivate it will compare time boot with Mate, more or less. I don't like "fast boot" in windows at all, because it cause some parts of your hardware are permanently working and hardware problems are coming soon. So is healthy definitively better your laptop sleep completely. Ubuntu takes care of your hardware much, much more.
You can look into "starting applications" menu and freeze some of them (carefully), also would decrease time to boot. But there are different things that would help too, in my knowlege:

  1. Install light applications.

  2. Frequently update, upgrade and "clean" your system (ex. easy Bleachbit).

  3. As soon as you can, improve your hardware (specially RAM and SSD).

  4. Reduce Grub boot (close to 0 secons, but never 0):

  5. In a more advanced level, do a Ubuntu minimal installation, then install only what you need. That improves performance, run and response, specially in HDD disks. Here what is removed in Bionic (so you can install later some of packages):

  6. Reinstall ALL your system. NOTHING compares to a new, fresh, clean install.

  7. Change your laptop and buy newer and powerfull (hahaha).

Sure there are more tricks, but in my opinion these are basics.

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