Booting into the Grub terminal

PC keeps booting into Grub then I have to type exit, and escape to get out of IPV4 & IPV6
Wondered on the PC, if anyone knew what effect a dead or dying battery on the motherboard would have on boot up? Or maybe barking up the wrong tree.

Is this a desktop or laptop? as long as the system is powered, you should be ok. Motherboard batteries last a long time. But, you might have bad sectors on your disk. Can you post output of df ?

If your disk is sda, at the grub> prompt type, fsck -y /dev/sda1 let it clean the disk, then exit, reboot. Note: if you're booting with EFI, your disk is probably /dev/sda2 (sda1 points to /boot/efi)

Thank you very much Pavia. Yes it's a PC. Mate on my laptop works fine. I'll give that a go soon as possible, never thought of doing that.
Thank you

Hi Pavlos. Attached output of df and fsck -y /dev/sda1. Please let us know if you think anything is wrong.



(Attachment dfoutput is missing)

Dave ... I do not see any attachments.

Hi Pavlos. It wouldn't let me send the email with an attachment. Maybe thought it was a Trojan!

But it doesn't matter, I can still use it ok, just annoying. Maybe later on I'll get hold of an ssd drive and they seem so much quicker. But that you for the guide, it was very useful.