Bottom panel "flickers" when scrolling in FireFox?


Fairly fresh install of MATE 18.04 in MBP '09 . . . overall working well, but lately noticing that the bottom panel will “flicker” when scrolling down through some web page, or, also as a web page is loading . . . once the page has loaded the flickering stops . . . . Seemed like if more than one app is loaded and showing in the panel the problem is “less” . . . . It’s not a show stopper, but, somewhat irritating . . . .

I saw another thread entitled “Panel flickering” in 16.04, and I read through it, some of the posters were mentioning “window compositor” in MATE Tweaks . . . but I couldn’t exactly figure out what they wanted the OP to do with it . . . . Funny, problem is “happening” now as I’m typing this post . . . each key stroke makes the panel “shake” . . . .

Window Manager is set to "Marco (adaptive compositor) . . . which is possibly the default, I don’t think I changed it or set it . . . should I just pick another one and see what happens?

Even “funnier” now while I’m typing the panel is not shaking . . . so problem seems to come and go???


In Mate Tweak try changing from Marco (Adaptive compositor) to Marco (Compton GPU compositor). That solved it for me.



Thanks very kindly for the reply . . . it’ll be a day or three before I get back to that computer to check it out, but I’ll post back on the update . . . looks simple enough to try (Compton GPU Compositor) . . . . I do have another install of U -MATE 18.04 on the home computer that I’m using now, but I haven’t noticed this issue on it . . . . Have to check it out . . . .


Great tip and helped me!



Yep. Comparing the two installs of U-MATE between 09 MBP and 12 MP . . . the desktop version is also using “Marco (adaptive compositor)” and this flickering panel thing isn’t happening . . . ??? Both have Nvidia cards, and on this desktop the proprietary nvidia drivers are being used . . . .

Only difference might be that the home computer is connected by ethernet, and the laptop was connected to what was a slow wifi connection and web pages seemed to load “slowly” whereas at home it’s a fairly “fast” service?? I was trying to replicate what was happening at work, i.e., scrolling in web page . . . so far doesn’t seem to be happening in what should be roughly the “same” operating system and version, 18.04 + recent updates, etc.


OK, back over in the offending MBP . . . in the meanwhile I changed the home computer to Marco(Compton) as well . . . since there hadn’t been a problem I wouldn’t say it made a difference, but nothing got worse.

In the laptop, this morning before changing to Compton the “flickering/horizontally split” panel thing was again still happening . . . changing to Compton did improve the situation, the panel now kind of “vibrates” with activity . . . keystrokes, loading of windows, or just sitting looking at the screen the optional Desktop(s) area on the right end of the panel are “pulsing” . . . . Whereas, before changing the window manager to Compton, the whole panel would flicker, but the panel would “split” . . . which just now after several minutes has started happening again . . . .

So, I guess I would have to say that the problem is still happening . . . after changing the WM I logged out, then back in . . . things seemed “better” but now . . . it returns to horizontal splitting of the panel in a flickering manner . . . .


No further thoughts on the issue? Would this issue qualify as worthy of a bug report? Problem persists in spite of changing WM . . . would this be a general bug or a specific to mate-panel type bug??


When I had the problem I was using an AMD card and changing WM fixed it. As you are using NVIDIA I don't know whether it's a general bug or or the specific one you mention. It might be very well be worth sending a bug report in my humble opinion.


Sorry I couldn't have been of more help to you.



Thanks for the reply, it is a bit "interesting" as my desktop is also now Nvidia and doesn't have this problem, but the laptop install does, with OEM Nvidia card circa '09 . . . . It's the kind of problem that creates a visual distraction . . . and does render the lower panel less functional . . . .



bug #1815148 has been officially filed on this thread . . . .


Got a link non_space?



Noticed that the problem was happening while using the Terminal as well.


Sorry . . . nope, problem still happening . . . as type this post the panel flickers . . . same as before . . . .


Again ran the latest update/upgrade w/ new kernel and rebooted . . . flickering panel problem remains . . . .