Bottom Panel Issue

I started seeing 2 T-Birds and 2 Firefoxs On my bottom panel the other day. Image sent in message.

I believe 1 each is fine. The others are taking up to much room down there.

How do I remove the 1 set without causing problems to the panel?

I don't remember what happened just before these extra 2 appeared.

I'm old , not near a geek. Please state what to do in layman's terms.

Thank You


Hi MateTwo,

The window-list-panel-applet is the one that displays your T-bird and Firefox buttons.

You ended up with two instances of the window-list-panel-applet on your panel.

You want one of them deleted.

Right-click just left of that T-bird button, you will get a small menu:

Choose the "remove from panel" option.
(If the option is greyed out and there is a 'tick' next to "lock to panel", untick that first.)

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Thank You! tkn Something worked that was easy.....................