Brave browser spyware?

Not related to MATE, but a few people have recommended Brave browser. But recently I read that its riddled with spyware and that they track absolutely everything. I have recently uninstalled it as I don't want anyone collecting info from me. I am trying to switch from Chrome fore same reason - at least I assume cuz its the Google-Monster and all.. If the Brave issues are actually true, what browser would you recommend? I have Opera, Chromium, Brave, Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox installed. I want to reduce that number to no more than 2. Over the years I've had to install other browsers for various reasons, just want to clean up the list and stick with one main browser and a second for backup.


I use Brave browser on a daily basis, I also use dnscrypt-proxy so I have a constant/reatime log of all dns queries made.

Brave is probably one of the browsers that connects to the least number of sites in comparison to other browsers.
I also checked the URLs and IP addresses that Brave connects to when it is started and when I'm surfing but I encountered no possible shady entities whatsoever.

Also I discovered that it blocks trackers and other filth pretty good.

In my opinion it is privacy-wise a good notch above firefox.

I do not share the opinion that Brave is riddled with spyware an trackers, on the contrary. But if you want some peace of mind, try to verify the claims that the people around you make, to a reputable source or just google their claims.

b.t.w. if you want an ungoogled firefox, stripped from all telemetry, phoning home and other anti-privacy stuff, you could try 'Librewolf' (it is a normal .deb, no snap)

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@tkn - Thanks for the info. That is good to know, because I was under the impression that Brave specifically had less trackers and that the Brave Software wasn't pulling info from my browsing sessions.