Brightness steps control

Hello everyone,

I run Linux Mint 21, Mate edition. I know this is the Ubuntu forum and I apologize for posting here but I had no luck with Mint's community and I hope you guys can help me :pray:t2:. Being based on Ubuntu 22.04, hopefully Mint handles this the same.

I would like to reduce the screen brightness steps when I use Fn + Brightness up/down. The keys work well and brightness is adjusted when I press them but it takes me too many steps from the lowest level to the brightest level (i.e. I need to press the keys around 20 times to reach the maximum brightness). Which command do Fn keys call? xbacklight? How to adjust it?

Thanks a lot!

Don't know the command which from memory seems to be 5 per step but here on UM22.04.1 on Dell when I press fn key and brightness key and hold it down don't have to keep pressing it. Show in gif below.

Also in Control Center / Hardware / Power Manager is quick and can set a value.
Not answer as I understand that you are looking for but options.


Or a launcher


Thanks for your reply!
Yes, it seems to be in steps of 5 each on mine too. I would like to set it to 10 or even 20.
I am aware of the GUI settings but I use the FN keys quite often, it is more convenient.
It would be great to know which command the keys call or where to adjust it.

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I have found a workaround that works for me.
Please see