Brisk Menu and the word 'menu.' Can I remove it please?


So yeah, I really am kind of not okay with having the word ‘menu’ next to the icon in the Brisk Menu.

I realize that it might be this way to differentiate between the other menus and layouts.

Currently using Contemporary.

Please, please, pretty please, is it possible?


It is possible with a settings change! Just run

gsettings set com.solus-project.brisk-menu label-visible false

Edit: I’m using Brisk Menu 0.4.5 from the PPA in 17.04, which usually has .3.5, and I’m not sure when this feature was added. Artful/17.10 also has .4.5, so it will definitely work with 17.10.

You also change the label by editing label-text, so for example to make your menu say “OMG! MATE” run

gsettings set com.solus-project.brisk-menu label-text 'OMG! MATE'


I just tried your solution elcste, "Eureka"!!
I have been looking online for hours, you can't hear me but I am thanking you profusely!
Enjoy your day!

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