Brisk menu doesn't save config. and doesn't close with Super Key

I’ve just installed Ubuntu Mate 17.10 and the Brisk Menu comes with the search bar on the bottom by default but I don’t like having to hit the up arrow key instead of the down one to reach the results of Brisk Menu’s search bar so, using dconf, i changed the search bar to the top but it gets back to the bottom on every new log in or power on.
And other thing is that the menu opens when i hit the super key, as expected, but it doesn’t close with another hit, i have to press the ‘esc’ key and it was working fine in the live session when i was testing it.
Can anyone help me with any of the issues?

In case anybody is having the same problem, i’ve upgraded brisk menu from 0.4 to 0.5 and the search bar problem’s gone.
It is still not closing with super key though.

I did a little investigation into this.
I couldn’t find the key bind to launch the brisk-menu.
So I searched for the brisk menu app and it seems like it is starting on boot.

lsof /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/brisk-menu/brisk-menu COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME brisk-men 4085 ubuntu-mate txt REG 7,0 116236 16458 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/brisk-menu/brisk-menu
So I assumed that it has it’s own way of monitoring for X keyboard events. On github I found out that that is the case

To debug what is going on I used next script. The script prints out Keyboard events, keys and keycodes as they are typed.


xinput test-xi2 --root | perl -lne ’
open X, “-|”, “xmodmap -pke”;
while () {$k{$1}=$2 if /^keycode\s+(\d+) = (\w+)/}
open X, “-|”, “xmodmap -pm”; ;;
while () {if (/^(\w+)\s+(\w*)/){($k=$2)=~s/[LR]$//;$m[$i++]=$k||$1}}
close X;
if (/^EVENT type.((.))/) {$e = $1}
elsif (/detail: (\d+)/) {$d=$1}
elsif (/modifiers:.effective: (.)/) {
if ($e =~ /^Key/){
my @mods;
for (0…$#m) {push @mods, $m[$
] if (hex($m) & (1<<$_))}
print “$e $d [$k{$d}] $m [@mods]”;
When Num_Lock is on this is the output:

# Num lock keypress
KeyRelease 77 [Num_Lock] 0x10 [Num_Lock]                   # Num Lock is ON
KeyPress 133 [Super_L] 0x10 [Num_Lock]                          # Super_L key press
KeyRelease 133 [Super_L] 0x50 [Num_Lock,Super]         # Super_L key release
KeyPress 133 [Super_L] 0x10 [Num_Lock]
KeyRelease 133 [Super_L] 0x50 [Num_Lock,Super]

When num lock is off it is working on my PC, while Caps Lock dosen’t have this problem.
Of course, on your computer it could be different Caps_Lock or something else.
The problem could be somewhere around here
Check out what is going on and contact the developer.
I don’t like Ikey very much, so I’ll leave that part to you :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, wait someone we know already did that. @Wimpy :smiley:

You’re right! if i have Num Lock on it does not work while it does if i leave it off.
Thank you so much for taking the time, i’m going to take a look at it and link this to the GitHub issue site.

Behind every new keyboard should be a sticker with this warning sign. :wink:
And with small letters on the bottom “Also that may apply to Num Lock as well!”

Haha, that’ll be fun. :smiley:

It’s probably going to rain some solus soon :slight_smile: