Brisk Menu repeated problems and has completely disappeared now

Hello. Just installed 18.04. My brisk menu has disappeared completely. I got the brisk menu errors quite a few times during live usb testing. I believed installing it on HDD would solve the issue. But alas, it has gotten worse. At first I got the error as ‘Brisk Menu has quit unpextedly’ or ‘UbuntuMate 18.04 has encountered internal error’ during live USB boot. After I installed the OS on my HDD I got a the Ubuntu 18.04 internal error message and the brisk menu has disappeared completely. It wont load even after restarting the PC

try right clicking where it was on the panel and see if you can remove it, there have been bugs with it, I have had issues with it crashing but it always comes back

While running 18.04 live, there were a couple Brisk Menu crashes. That was all cleared up with an install to HD AND by running the initial update set. I haven’t experienced any issues with Brisk since.

Have you updated your system to the current update pack?

You can always reset your panel setup via Mate Tweak or even replacing the launcher with a new instance.

I have never had trouble getting it back by restoring it, and yes it is fully updated as far as I know

My 18.04 LTS had this problem as well. I went into Mate Tweak as was suggested. I then went to "Panel" in the left pane. I then changed what the panel was. In my case it was "Familiar". After changing it to something else I changed it back to "Familiar". The menu icon was back. But, I will need to re-add to the panel.