Brisk menu tweaking possible?

is there a way to limit used space of searchbar?
Can i change the click behaviour of categories list so that i have to click on a category before activating it?
Where are working css-/scss stylesheets for brisk menu?

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if you have or install dconf editor you can chnge the setting of the brisk menu.

To install deconf editor
open a Terminal (CTRL+T) type the following:-

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dconf-editor -y

open the dconf editor

navigate to /com/solus-project/brisk-menu/ in dconf editor. (see below)
here is were you can change the look a feel of the briskmenu.

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dconf editor enables me to set some options but not all.
I was able to tweak it a bit using css inside the theme but im not that happy with it.
What i want is to have the search entry inside the applications list. Maybe this is impossible without a box container but it should be doable.

I want to have the entry bar moved into the applications list.

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