Brother printer hl-l2320d off & on printing

Up until recently, the last month or so, I have had no issues printing to my Brother printer. Now I can print some things, text + some simple (vector) images....then at other times, it sends the signal, light blinks and nothing.
I have installed the drivers correctly. But am at a loss.
U-Mate 20.04
printer is hard wired to computer (no wifi connection)
(if it's of any help, I also have Peppermint installed on a separate drive and it acts the same.)

It would seem it might be a printer or cable problem if it is happening with two different OS's (although both are Ubuntu based). Have you tried a different printer cable? Can you state why exactly it is not printing? Is the item getting to the printer or in the queue or spooling endlessly or does the printer not even recognize you sent a to print? Does what you are printing make a difference? Does color or grayscale make a difference? Is the power staying on or flickering, have you checked the printer's electrical outlet? Anything you can include would be helpful.

I am going to buy & try a different cable. As to some of your questions, it seems to print single sided with LibreOffice but no pdf's. Yesterday, it printed once via Firefox and then later nothing. Duplex printing seems to be a no. Items are making it to the printer. However, after a time the light stops blinking. No problems with power...though I will change the outlet configuration.
The printer doesn't seem to want to handle detailed images (however, this is just an observation not solely based on fact).
Thanks for your help!

Narrowing things down, it appears that it is a problem with duplex printing. Single-sided is good. Duplex is not. That has to be software issues, right? As to how to remedy that, I am not sure.

Are you using LibreOffice? You could try OnlyOffice.

I have had trouble with duplex printing on certain office suites and pdf programs. I also have a Brother printer, but had some of the same problems when I used HP printers. I seldom duplex print so it is not a big issue for me.

After much research and trial & error, it appears that the printer does NOT like 600dpi and refuses to do duplex. Set for 300dpi it seems to accept that level. :unamused: