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Just thought I’d make you aware of a little nasty that got in and ruined my browsing experience.

A browser hijacker called had managed to break into one of my extensions on Chromium called Face Book Purity (the extension removes Facebook ads and other junk).
It simply took over the Google home page and then started adding its own pages - ones that my ISP Family settings should have blocked.

I managed to remove it by deleting FBP, rebooting the PC and then reinstalling FBP.

I found this on Blinking Computer
I came across your thread while hunting for solutions to this same problem. I think I’ve found the solution, but the site wouldn’t let me reply to your thread.

The culprit is the FB Purity extension. This is a scam version of the original Facebook Purity extension (which comes from a .com, rather than .net source), and it seems to be causing these redirects. I ran countless antimalware/antiadware scans, ran Ccleaner, deleted and reinstalled Chrome (several times), even did a System Restore in attempt to fix this issue and nothing worked. Finally, I got rid of the bogus extension, and so far, at least, so good. Hope it helps in your case too.BlinkingComputer

Is there anything end users can do to protect themselves from Browser Hijackers?


  • Install extensions that have some time and someone else installed it first.
  • Download extensions only from mozilla/google.
  • Install one of the following extensions I proposed in the following thread:
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