Cable speed NOT maintained at 60mb on 16.04.1 mate?

hi all
got ubuntu 16.04.1 lts xenial 64bit loaded
supposed to get 60mb down and 12 up on comcast cqble
and that is what I get on a WINDOZE 7 machine all the time. Also all the other tests I run tell me that’s what I am getting.
I have put the WINDOZE machine on the same link I test the unbuntu one on and 60mb as normal
BUT when I put the SAME cable ( read same environment) back into the Ubuntu machine I get
60mb for a time, then it dips to 3mb or close then back up to 60mb or some variant of that.
SO my question is
is there a problem with Ubuntu mate networking and how do I fix it OR is it a wait and see people working on it?

my os is as follows
Ubuntu 16.04.1 lts mate 1.14.1 all updates applied as of this date
thanks all and happy new year

Hi @theakson,

even though your system is up-to-date, still try changing your software download location and see if there are more updates as the servers may not be in sync all the time!, it may help?:

The test at that website is flawed. It penalizes too much for dropped packets. I get 2.8 MB here from that website for a 65 MB connection with less than 1% packet loss.


Ok tried:

both give me the same results. Throughput on ubuntu systems drops out and windoze systems are perfect constant 60mb as per spec.
I have tried two separate ubuntu laptops and two separate windoze 7 laptops and the ubuntu ones are dropping throughput. So it starts at 60mb for 60% of the test then drops to 1kb and sometime back up to 60mb but it’s REALLY flaky. SO question still stands anyone else seeing this please?

Hey Wolfman
happy new year. Did as you asked and nope all updates are current. This seems to be a ubuntu specific problem. The windoze systems are fine. Any ideas as to the state of the network drivers for ubuntu, I thought there were issues a while ago. This is a hard wired connection issue just in case I forgot to mention that. The cables are fine, the network is fine ( windoze machines get consistant 60mb throughput) so I am thinking there is something wrong with the ubuntu drivers, it’s not the desktops as the same thing happens on all the laptops as well. That takes out the network card issue. The router is fine as it delivers 60mb to windoze so…
any ideas

Hi @theakson and a Happy New Year to you too!. :smiley:

Take a look here as he is having similar problems, maybe you can read something from it?:

I see the same as you do on - Most recent test said 700 kbps which I know to be wrong.

hey Dave
so I have run the tests across MANY MANY speedtests and got 60mb results across the board. I am STILL puzzled how windoze machines consistantly got 60mb with the same test???
thanks anyway for pointing out it could be the TEST not the machine. I will look into Wolfman’s suggestion as well. thanks again for helps

Hey Wolfman
I will certainly look into this BUT Dave_barnes seems to be onto something where the TEST is flawed not the machine. I ran several speedtests ( different vendors) and got 60mb on the others consistantly. I will check out the driver issue as well
thanks so much for all your help

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Hi @theakson, As a regular on DSLR I saw this speed test evolve and actually thought many things are a lot better now.

You will notice the DSLR test uniquely uses several locations simultaneously. This is quite a good idea in theory but in practice, it's been rocky. It's all written in HTML5 and for quite a while, the waveform never aggregated all these sites correctly in Linux Firefox.

I use a conky display showing what the waveform should look like but it never did. System Monitor network plot can do the same thing. Compare and see what you get - does it match?

In the meantime, my OpenWrt router's SQM (Smart Queue Management) has gotten my buffer-bloat under control with a very nice waveform and the DSLR test also seemed to be correct. But from your report, maybe not. Or maybe buffer bloat affects this - I'm speculating.

Also, I attempt to run HTTPS Everywhere. For a long time, this test required it be turned off. But no more I'm glad to see.

Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: Had to try it - here's my results. I'm showing actual as a very "square" bandwidth but the DSLR test shows a much more slow rise on both waveforms that didn't actually exist.

BTW, you can post your results here, like this:

And yeah, I'm only 30/5 but on the LAN get well over 900mbps.:slight_smile:

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Hi bill
thanks for the 2c and always valuable, I am completely new to linux and just about hanging in here :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up on the system monitor plot. It’s pretty smooth with a build then a top at 7.5MiBs for the duration of the test then back down. The DSLR plot was up to 60mbs then 70% way through the test it dropped to 1mbs and then back up to 23mbs SO it seems that it’s the test NOT the machine. Thank the gods for the wonderful people at Ubuntu mate community for helping a noob out without sniggering
thanks all


I wish I knew what was happening but I speculate it’s NOT easy to correctly add all those sites into an accurate speed waveform/profile correctly in a browser. Based on the most users, it’s probably been “tweaked” to Windows, too.

And welcome to the community!