Cairo Dock functionality, CD still working?

Hi. I was just wondering if others are having problems with Cairo Dock--the forum for CD latest post is 2016. I added the PPA hoping it would work. I posted this question also to Ubuntu forum also.

Hi, @Anthony_Craig :slight_smile:

I don't use Cairo Dock, but I've found the following discussion topic, here in the Ubuntu MATE Community, started on November 2022, that seem to show that running Cairo Dock in Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish") is problematic (considering the initial message in that topic - posted by @akemp77 - and also the replies that it got by @mickee and @HJV ):

You (@Anthony_Craig ) also wrote the following:

For those wondering, here's the topic that @Anthony_Craig is referring to that he posted in the "Ubuntu Forums" web site - :

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Thanks for the reply, ricmarques. I hate to do OS upgrades because something always seems to go wrong--so I'm using Ubuntu Pro so that an upgrade won't be necessary until 2032. But I really like Cairo Dock because I can make the clock, day, and date really huge, which is necessary because my vision is terrible (at least with the Redmond panel the clock info is three times bigger than Windows). So, I want to ask if 24.04 is going to support Cairo Dock, or is that something that's decided only when the OS is released?

The PLANK dock is already included in UM. Is it possible the CAIRO dock is causing a conflict with UM? Maybe remove PLANK from the programs. I have used PLANK before and prefer it to CAIRO but each person has their own preferences. That's the only thing I can think would cause a problem - having two docks in the system even though you are trying to run only one. Again, a big guess on my part.

Plank has the ability to show the clock info with pretty big numbers and letters--I guess the only thing I'm missing is a large, black outline of two centimeters that makes said numbers and letters very clear and also separate from background colors. I also created other panels in Tweak using Cairo, so that as I told my sister, "I can make this thing look like anything I want". I love the fact that I can switch between UI with the click of a button.

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I am using the dock Latte that was in the Software center--is this an okay choice with security in mind, or should I remove it? The clock info is big black numbers in front of a dock of white that encompasses all the info. If there is a security threat, how serious is it?--the dock works well for me.

Regarding Latte, I think that is a KDE type project but was abandoned about a year ago may. (Maybe someone took it over?) Also, it is qT based so the look might not match with the GTK based components of UM's desktop. The default Plank app with UM to me is the better choice because for me it is super simple and intuitive.