Caja 1.18 in 16.04

What would be the best way to get Caja 1.18 in 16.04? I really want to use the new features.

I tried upgrading to mate desktop 1.18 with this ppa.

However it seemed to cause a few issues with my numix theme, and break a few apps. So i just wanted caja 1.18.

The whole package (ppa) must be installed, caja 1.18 will not work by itself.

MATE 17.04 comes out next month with the 1.18 desktop. May be the way to go.

One other thing to bear in mind is that MATE 1.18 is GTK3 only. There’s nothing incompatible with this, it’s that 16.04 has primarially been based on GTK2.