Caja 1.20.2: Bkground color choice is broken in List View

I am running Ubuntu-MATE 18.04.4. "Backgrounds and Emblems" in Caja 1.20.2 (the default Caja version that came with the 18.04.4 installation) works ONLY in "Icon View" and "Compact View" and does nothing in "List View" -- the view-type I've always used.

This is quite a bummer. I grabbed Caja 1.24.0 but ./configure tells me I need 8 different dependencies (which I would also have to compile) in order to build it. I see here that this has been a problem in Caja since at least April of 2015 -- five years ago?

Surely there is a fix for this. Does anyone here know what it would be?

I see the same thing in Caja 1.24 on the 20.04 beta.

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i also have this problem (20.04.2) - i thought the emblems did not work at all, but thanks to your post i have tried in icon view and see that they do work there. however, the majority of the time i prefer to work in list view, & it would be really helpful to be able to put emblems & backgrounds onto files and folders ...