Caja 100% CPU usage

Ubuntu MATE 20.04, fresh install.

Every couple of days, Caja (apparently randomly) uses over 100% CPU usage and is painfully slow to respond to input. If I open the menu "edit - preferences - preview" and set either one of 'show text in icons' or 'show thumbnails' to "never", CPU usage returns to normal and Caja is again responsive. I set the changed option back to "local files only" and all remains good for a few days.

Has anybody else got issues with Caja using 100% CPU usage? If so, can you try changing the setting I mention and see if that also works for you?

I want to report a bug but would value someone confirming the same.

UPDATE. I have a very similar problems on Ubuntu proper also, Nautilus uses 100% CPU on login and is simply unresponsive.

The common factor is that my standard home subfolders, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, Documents, Templates, Public (but not the actual home folder itself) are links to folders on a different drive.

UPDATE 2 : I have restored my normal home folders (Pictures, Downloads etc), and created links inside those folders to the folders on the other drive. The issue has gone away, no more 100% CPU usage.

I will report a bug.