Caja always busy upon shutdown

When I try to put the computer to sleep, shutdown, etc I get 'A program is still running' and it is showing: 'Caja Copying Files'.

Even after a reboot it is doing it. I have to click on 'suspend anyway' and then a second prompt appears exactly the same and I have to click again a second time 'suspend anyway'

Any idea how to stop it?



why was my post tagged under Raspberry pi? this is a desktop and I never mentioned it was a pi related issue?

You posted using this tag, I didn't change it. Fixed at your request.

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I see the problem :slight_smile:

At the forum home page there are only two entries visible to me: help/support and hardware and help/support is only for raspberry pi. So unless I'm looking in the wrong place this forum only seems to support hardware and the pi....


Help and support

Hi :slight_smile:
Can you run ps -ef | grep caja ?

Do you mount some cifs / nfs on boot ?

You can check inside /etc/fstab and mount
cat /etc/fstab
mount | grep "//"

FYI, this is not true. AFAIK, "Hardware" and "Raspberry Pi" are actually just sub-categories under the "Support & Help Requests" category. You can post straight under the "Support & Help Requests" category itself without posting under one of the sub-categories (click the text "Support & Help Requests" instead of the lower text), but it's still generally recommended that you add other tags to your post to categorize your post somewhat specifically.