Caja does not work properly

Ubuntu Mate 22.04
4 ext. NTFS HDD mounted, some files on the Desktop.
One times or more per day, if I want to work with the open caja, indicated at the left border side, the window appear at the desktop, but only the outer border lines will be seen, the caja window will be transparent.
No further applications on the Desktop I can open.
To close caja, it is only possible, if I try > 5 times, with the response, " do you will wait ...", allways I wait, until the caja window will be closed.
But after all, sometimes I miss files of my desktop (Data files, Application files), the worst case scenario of an operating system, deleted data !!!!!!!
In respect to data files, now I use only links and move it to the desktop.
Neither Dos 5.0, nor Win95, XP ... Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu did something like Ubuntu Mate !!!!

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Are the 4 external drives USB? If so here are a couple of links. First discusses slow writing speed:

This discusses how to check which driver they are using:

Mine are on old driver and not really sure how to change on existing drive without wiping data. Did not research this to see if possible. On occasion one gets slow and have to wait for it to stop blinking to safely remove.
Just my thoughts.

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I have no trouble with the indicated USB-NTFS drives. But I wonder, that without direct access to the external drives, the drives will be wake up by caja, or better to say, it tries, why ?????
And to clear myself, to try open, an open caja, leads to hanging up the desktop system, description see above.

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Welcome @Gloster to the community!

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My system becomes less responsive once the writing to drive slows. Example copy files from desktop to removable and if it gets slow can't do anything in that window, can switch workspaces and surf the web. Comes back when file operation completes. Another possible are you running another program that may present a modal window (possibly beneath the app awaiting a response ? Just throwing out different thoughts.


So my reflection : Ext. USB HDD going to sleep, Caja also going to asleep.
Who wake up ?
An open Caja shows a directory of an USB-HDD device.
Further reaction by user is not possible any more.
What helps : Start system monitor (not via Desktop, Desktop does not work any more), try to close Caja, do not break, give the system to have time, to prevent lost of data (beneath, system monitor shows 70% CPU for Caja ).
Have patient, and after some tries Caja to close, Caja will be closed !
I must confess, with Nautilus, never I have some problems, like that !