Caja-dropbox blocks upgrade to 22.04

Point release 1 of 22.04 is available today and allow us to upgrade 20.04 to 22.04. While upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04.1 with the standard process, the caja-dropbox blocks the whole process. Yes, I used dropbox and the upgrade is stuck because of caja-dropbox. The process is stuck while download the caja-dropbox, at 90%. It stuck since two hours. I let it and I don't want to interrupt the process.
System: Ubuntu Mate 20.04, with all updates done. The update manage has proposed to upgrade today to 22.04, so I accepted.

I was having the same problem and decided to back up my files and just do a clean install of 22.04.1. Install a clean install was also faster then trying to update 20.04 to 22.04.1

It's important to me to fix that, because I installed a lot of Ubuntu Mate 20.04 to many old peoples. This issue is just a big problem for them when it will occur. So I need to find a fix today

How to interrupt just the download of this package and allow the rest of the upgrade process to continue ?

just an idea, perhaps uninstall caja-dropbox then do the upgrade to 22.04.1 then re install caja-dropbox.

Currently, the system is still in this situation. I don't want to interrupt the upgrade process, neither reboot

I hope someone else can fix this. My work has been with the Date/time formats. Can you remove the dropbox, then upgrade and reinstall drop box once you upgrade? Sorry I can't be of more help. You might want to file a bug report.

The download of the caja-dropbox, in the upgrade process, is manage by the python3 process. So, I killed python3 and the upgrade process can still continue and be done. So everything is ok, the upgrade has passed with success and after upgrade, I uninstall and reinstall the caja-dropbox.