Caja-dropbox in ubuntu MATE

Good morning. I have a new computer with last ubunutu MATE. install from boutique caja-dropbox.
run caja-dropbox autostart y
in terminal
but nothing, there is not dropbox, can't open from the menu.
Please, do I have to do anything more to have dropbox in my computer?
thanks very much.

After installing Dropbox you should be able to start it with menu launcher.

You can open its preferences and check "Start Dropbox on system startup".
And verify this by opening the "Startup Applications", it must be in the list .

Thanks, I verify but nothing :frowning:

Please run

sudo apt-get install --reinstall caja-dropbox
caja-dropbox autostart y
caja-dropbox start -i

for first time.

To get its icon shown in tray install single package by

sudo apt-get install libappindicator1

and then reboot.

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Thanks very much, at last, I use Mega and works perfectly. Have a nice day.